Dental News: Innovative Technology for Diagnosing Oral Cancer

oral cancer screening newsSpanish scientists have recently discovered a new technology to help dentists detect oral cancer quickly and more efficiently.*

Oral cancer is one of the most common cancers ranking in as the sixth-leading cause of cancer.

Currently, we (dentists) rely on observation and biopsy to confirm an oral cancer diagnosis. This traditional process often requires at least a couple weeks of time just to confirm the diagnosis before any treatment may begin.

The new portable device that the Spanish scientists have discovered will be able to diagnose and confirm oral cancer on the same exact day. In terms of time alone, this is a substantial improvement. No longer will patients be required to wait for a confirmation before beginning treatment. Treatment will be able to start the same day for increased chances of successful recovery.

To add, biopsy or removal of a small piece of tissue will no longer be required, allowing the diagnosing process to be as minimally invasive as possible which is an aspect comforting to many patients. This also removes a third part from the situation, reducing costs.

It’s portability will also aid in bringing costs down as one machine will able to be moved from room to room.

A prototype of this portable machine is expected to be revealed later this year (2015) as further research must be conducted in order to finalize everything necessary for presentation at events, conferences, and to specialists around the globe as well as meeting all federal regulations and requirements.

*The full study can be found here.

Have You Been Screened for Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer screening is highly recommended at any age being one of the top cancers worldwide, while also being one of the most curable with early detection. Ask your Delano dentist, Dr. Paul Mallouk, about oral cancer screenings on your next appointment.

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