Solea Dental Laser System

An estimated 10 to 20 percent of American adults are fearful of the dentists, partly because of the noise and pain associated with dental drills. Now, with our quiet and painless Solea dental laser system, you can confidently come for your free consultation without any fear of what lies ahead.

A positive change

Our doctors have replaced the dental drill with Solea – a powerful CO2 dental laser that can be used for hard and soft tissue procedures without causing any noise, vibration, or pain. In fact, most of our patients opt to skip the anesthesia because it does not change anything. The experience is that unique!

Solea is the first device of its kind in dentistry. It is a product of research conducted at the University Of California School Of Dentistry by Convergent Dental in Boston, Massachusetts. The system provides a unique wavelength guided by complex computers to deliver virtually painless procedures for your teeth and gums. It can be used for any treatment from simple cavities to intricate surgeries, without the need for anesthesia.

Advantages of Solea Laser Dentistry

- The system has proven to be effective for a wide variety of the most common dental concerns, including hard-tissue procedures like removing cavities, preparing the tooth for fillings, preparing the tooth for veneers or removing veneers without cutting them, bone sculpting, and tooth reshaping; and soft-tissue procedures like treating gum (periodontal) disease, treating cold and canker sores, and sculpting, shaping, and contouring the gums.

- Solea can also be used for performing root canals, cosmetic surgery, and even to remove bacteria in teeth and gums to enhance oral health.

- Solea can be safely used to treat all kinds of patients, including those with special needs or concerns such as children and adults with dental anxiety

- The procedures are very comfortable, which eliminates the need for anesthesia and time wasted when recovering from the anesthesia

- The system ensures a quite, painless, and bloodless procedure, which helps to reduce dental anxiety or phobia among children and some adults

- The Solea dental laser system does not involve invasive cutting of the gum tissue, which translates to minimal bleeding and no stitches.

Schedule a laser dentistry consultation today!
Our practice assures patients, who have dental anxieties or dread the sounds of a conventional dentist office, of comfortable and efficient dental treatment. During your initial appointment, our dentists will evaluate your general state of health. Some dental X-rays may also be performed to check for decay inside or between teeth, cysts or abscess on the roots of your teeth, bone loss, and root positions. Once the examination is complete, your dentist will discuss the findings with you and create the appropriate treatment plan.
To discuss the ways in which the Solea dental laser system may benefit you, please call us at 661-725-9105 for a free consultation.